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Beautiful Soul Gemstone Bracelet™

*Any Message - Any Color - Any Charms - Any Clasp* Beautiful Soul Bracelet with Fancy Jasper Gemstones

Materials: 4.5mm sterling silver block letters, gemstones

This .925 sterling silver message bracelet says Beautiful Soul. They picked colorful Fancy Jasper beads. You may put any message that will fit on this design. Up to 13 letters are free. The letter blocks are 4.5mm square. It is shown with a lobster claw clasp. You pick the gemstone, size, clasp, charms... You may add as many charms as you would like.

Shipping: I make and ship everything within one business day.

*Gemstone Options*
  • Amethyst Amethyst Beads - February Birthstones
  • Aquamarine Aquamarine Beads - March Birthstones
  • Aventurine 4mm Aventurine is said to help with nausea and calms emotions and enhance fertility.
  • Coral 4mm Red Bamboo Coral Passion - Intuition - Imagination - Visualisation - Friendship  Passion - Intuition - Imagination - Visualisation - Friendship
  • Fancy Jasper  Fancy Jasper Colorful Gemstones
  • Fluorite (Rainbow) Fluorite is said to increase your libido and stabilize hormones.
  • Garnet Garnet Beads - January Birthstone
  • Hematite 4mm Hematite Grounding - Concentration Focus - Harmonizing - Confidence
  • Lapis Lazuli 8mm Lapis Lazuli meaning - Enlightenment - Physic Abilities - Power - Serenity - Reverse Curses - Chakras - Opens Third Eye & Balances Throat
  • Mountain Jade Green Mountain Jade - May Birthstone
  • Onyx 6mm Onyx is said to be an aid for women who have had trouble conceiving. Strength - Protection - Intuition - Self-Confidence - Balance
  • Pearls Pearls - June Birthstone
  • Quartz Clear Quartz Beads - April Birthstone
  • Rhodonite 4mm Rhodonite is said to stimulate fertility and help heal emotional and physical wounds.
  • Riverstone (Blue) Blue Agate for September Birthstones
  • Rose Quartz 6mm Round Rose Quartz is said to increase overall fertility, heal heartache, encourage unconditional love, provide protective energy and remove fears.
  • Turquoise Turqoise Beads for December Birthstones

Beautiful Soul Bracelet™ - $49

Enter Gemstone(s)*:

Enter Name, Message, Date, Coordinates, Bible Verse... (up to 13 letters are free)

Sterling Silver Block Letters:


Size: Measure your wrist and add 3/4"

Toggle or Lobster? (see clasps)

You may add additional items to your bracelet order (or skip down to the "Add to Cart" button)...

Add charms to your order: (see charms)
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Add another charm -

Add a Birthstone Gemstone Dangle™ - $10

Add 18" Coordinating Necklace with 7" of beads (+ $69)
Add Coordinating Earrings (+ $29)
Add Silver Polishing Cloth for cleaning (+ $5)

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Beautiful Soul Bracelet with Fancy Jasper, colorful Gemstones and a lobster claw clasp. LLL-MB-3

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Beautiful Soul Bracelet

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be." Lao Tzu


Your intention is so powerful!
Each gemstone has a distinctive and unique vibrational energy. Gemstones have been used for 1000's years, all over the world and by Native Americans here in the US. There is no scientific study saying these bracelets will change your life. They have not been approved by the FDA. All of our products and services are created to be an enhancement to the user’s own power of intention. All of our products and services are sold, advertised and offered in good faith. Results and outcomes are not guaranteed and may vary. All the information on this website about gemstones is found in Smithsonian Handbooks - Gemstones by Cally Hall, The Crystal Bible, A Definitive Guide to Crystals by Judy Hall & Public Domain.


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